Healing Anxiety: Evidence-Based CBT, Mindfulness and Hypnosis

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Healing Anxiety Workshop I was so fortunate to have an opportunity to teach a workshop at sea on the cruise ship Holland America. Healing Anxiety: Evidence-Based CBT, Mindfulness and Hypnosis - January 20-27, 2019 It was a wonderful, peaceful reprieve from the cold to spend time in the Mexican Riviera. As always, I enjoyed sharing my [...]

What is Self-Harm?

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Dr. Carolyn Daitch was featured in the article "The Unkindest Cut" last month in The Jewish News. The article talks about cutting and other types of self-harm. Read Dr. Carolyn Daitch's remarks and the full article here.

Relationship Talking Points: Speak Your Spouse’s Language

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He said. She said. There are many differences in the ways men and women communicate with one another. To make communication easier between partners, it’s important to understand these differences. Dr. Daitch says that men, who often feel emotions physically, should take cues from their bodies. Dr. Daitch also advises that women can reassure [...]

Why I’m Glad To Be a Helicopter Parent

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Kids love to bike. A mom of four explains how she teaches her children to look both ways not once, but twice, before riding a bike across the street. This same mother recounts the terrifying experience of seeing a near miss between a bicycling child and a truck driving down the road. This mom [...]

12 healthy ways to cope with a chronic illness

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Chronic illness can lead to depression. Here are 5 tips Dr. Carolyn Daitch suggests using to maintain an optimistic perspective during an extended illness: Put parameters on how much time you will allow yourself to research an illness Instead of dwelling on what might happen in the future, focus on what you can do [...]

What Is Helicopter Parenting?

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Dire consequences. Anxiety. Overcompensation. Peer pressure. These are just a few of the triggers that cause parents to become over involved in their children’s lives. Bumps and bruises, both emotional and physical, are a critical part of childhood. Trying to protect children from experiencing hurt thwarts their maturation process. In the Parents article, What [...]

Why we get attached to parents’ belongings

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Sometimes objects or possessions are infused with meaning that far exceeds their value or rational expectation. A favorite childhood toy, a cherished piece of jewelry from a grandparent, or the hammer a parent used when making household repairs can all evoke an emotional response because of the warm, familiar memories associated with the person [...]

Anxiety Revisited, Sectioned, And Corrected

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Listen in as Carolyn discusses three anxiety subtypes, including cognitive, emotional, and physical anxiety, with Dr. Charles Parker of CoreBrain Journal. They will also discuss what happens when symptoms gang up and act together in a mob fashion or in an insidious sequence over time that creates a biological loop that feeds upon itself. [...]

How Too Much Parental ‘Help’ can Hurt Your Children’s Success In School

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Experiencing challenges, and even failure, can help children develop the skills they need to independently succeed in the world. Self-sufficiency and the confidence that comes from overcoming challenges is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can give to a child. Read Dr. Daitch’s article in Baystate Parent, How To Much Parental Help [...]