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Overcoming Test Anxiety

Overcoming Test Anxiety

This course will present a comprehensive model using hypnotic interventions to reduce clients’ test anxiety. The techniques taught reduce cognitive, behavioral and physiological symptoms of anxiety. In addition, the course will explore the issues and symptoms of clients who suffer with both ADHD and anxiety disorders. Workshop participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of the nature of test anxiety and skill sets necessary to help clients alleviate their test anxiety so they can demonstrate their true ability in exam settings.

  • Overview of co-morbidity of test anxiety
  • Enhancing concentration and study habits
  • Diminishing avoidance, procrastination and perfectionism
  • Ego-strengthening
  • Developing positive expectancy
  • Behavioral rehearsal of ideal performance
  • Self-hypnosis for the night before the exam
  • Day of the exam intervention
  • Handling challenges that come up during the exam
  • Describe cognitive, behavioral and physiological symptoms of test anxiety
  • Discuss two hypnotic interventions to help test-anxious clients
  • Discuss the interactive effects on clients with ADHD and test anxiety

Course Format: 3 weeks, 60 minute lessons

Scheduled Dates: Waiting List option if no dates scheduled currently

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