Specializing in anxiety disorders, stress and emotional management

I want to welcome you to my website which was designed to offer a wealth of resources for helping professionals and laypersons alike. If you struggle with runaway emotions, love someone who does, or work in the helping professions, it is my hope that the content on this site will aid you on your journey.

In my workshops and presentations, I present an integrative model that incorporates mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis. For clinicians, I teach effective tools that can be incorporated in their favored treatment approaches. For lay people, I teach a vast array of tools for healing.

My training serves as a toolbox packed with practical interventions of easy to learn, easy to teach approaches that can be implemented immediately. The workshops, like my psychotherapy treatment, are individualized to the needs and goals of the participants.

I specialize in anxiety disorders, stress and emotional management. To help people manage their distress, I routinely incorporate hypnosis in my treatment and teaching.

I have taught clinical hypnosis for 30 years. My experience has shown that approaches informed by hypnosis can be incorporated into any treatment model and can be applied to a wide range of emotional issues. Beyond the realm of cognitive and behavioral treatments, hypnosis helps clients to be receptive to new ideas, shift attitudes, manage affect, and change behavior, enhancing the recovery process.

I have had the honor of treating clients in my clinical practice for over 35 years. What I have learned from work with countless distressed individuals, is that they can indeed get better. My psychotherapy work informs my teaching, keeps my skills relevant and helps me to continue to evolve as a teacher and trainer.

I invite you to learn more about my training courses for both professionals and non-professionals by visiting my training page. In addition, this site contains many resources and links to various audio programs and books.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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Dr. Daitch is a master teacher. In my opinion, having attended other national and local conferences, there is no one better. Dr. Daitch is always well prepared and organized. Her presentation is very engaging, chock full of information, and also full of demonstrations that make the material come alive. She truly provides toolbox of concise, practical techniques that I believe everyone would benefit from.

Jonathan Falk, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

I had been involved with many teachers and supervisors during the course of my career but came to know Carolyn as being not only a master teacher, but also a master clinician and clinical supervisor. I find this combination to be unusual.
Working with Carolyn is like being around an artist who paints and weaves words and images not only effortlessly but also, profoundly. Her artistry can be breathtaking. But not only is Carolyn an artist, she is also intellectually gifted and able to integrate numerous theoretical frameworks into her thinking, teaching, writing and clinical work.

Eileen Bond, MSW , Faculty University of Michigan

When Carolyn Daitch teaches, she speaks from a depth of intelligence, a warehouse of knowledge about her subject and a clinical competence that makes her a truly credible professional.

Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. author Getting the Love You Want and Making Marriage Simple

Dr. Daitch is the world’s leading expert on anxiety and self-management. I never miss an opportunity to attend her training and workshops.

Kent Massie, J.D. Ed.S. L.P.C., Faculty James Madison University

I was in attendance at your workshop on anxiety and trauma and found your teaching style to be fabulous — we received excellent feedback from our membership. Thank you!

Karen Day, MSW, RSW, C.Hyp. Registered Social Worker

We were amazed with her knowledge and enchanted with her charm.

Victor Simon M.D , Institut de Medecine Psychosomatique d’Hypnose Clinique et de Therapie Breve, Hypnosis Paris, France