Approximately 18 percent of adults (18 and older) in the United States suffer from an anxiety disorder in any given year (Kessler, Chiu, Delmer, & Walters, 2005). That’s more than 40 million people in the United States alone whose excessive anxiety interferes with their ability to function on a daily basis.

Not to mention the countless others who have the occasional panic attack or are overly burdened by the stress of upcoming deadlines or commitments. Anxiety, and particularly anxiety-based disorders, are now recognized as one of the most common categories of psychological disorders in this country. Anxiety destroys the normal enjoyment of life through the fear, worry, obsessive thinking and avoidant behavior that anxious people experience.

These workshops are for you if you want to gain skill crafting the best treatment plan that reflects either your needs or your client’s individual needs. That’s because these workshops, presented by an internationally recognized expert on anxiety, will help you understand not only what treatment options are available, but how to adjust them to particular needs.

Dr. Daitch is committed to helping individuals learn techniques to minimize anxiety. In support of this effort, she has developed online training courses, both for professionals and non-professionals.

During her professional training sessions, Dr. Daitch teaches participants to:

  • Identify and interrupt over-reactive responses
  • Manage anxious reactions: overcome panic attacks, social anxiety disorder and stop worry in its tracks
  • Become stress resilient
  • Quickly re-focus attention when feeling overwhelmed
  • Avoid conflict escalation
  • Repair ruptures in relationships
  • Increase compliance with at-home practice
  • Integrate mindfulness, cognitive behavioral techniques and hypnosis

Please review the training sessions and register for those of interest. If you have questions regarding the courses, please contact us at: info@carolyndaitchphd.com.

Satisfied participants of past training sessions have this to say about Carolyn:

Dr. Daitch is a master teacher. In my opinion, having attended other national and local conferences, there is no one better. Dr. Daitch is always well prepared and organized.  Her presentation is very engaging, chock full of information, and also full of demonstrations that make the material come alive.  She truly provides a toolbox of concise, practical techniques that I believe everyone would benefit from.

Jonathan Falk, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Daitch is the world’s leading expert on anxiety and self-management.  I never miss an opportunity to attend her training and workshops.

Kent Massie, J.D. Ed.S. L.P.C., Faculty James Madison University

I had been involved with many teachers and supervisors during the course of my career but came to know Carolyn as being not only a master teacher, but also a master clinician and clinical supervisor. I find this combination to be unusual.

Working with Carolyn is like being around an artist who paints and weaves words and images not only effortlessly but also, profoundly. Her artistry can be breathtaking. But not only is Carolyn an artist, she is also intellectually gifted and able to integrate numerous theoretical frameworks into her thinking, teaching, writing and clinical work.

Eileen Bond, MSW, Faculty University of Michigan