Someday My Prince Will Come…


Someday my prince will come” is a fantasy that just about every little girl had at one time or another. The reality is that few princes (or princesses) show up.  Even if you find yourself with the person of your dreams, there will be inevitable bumps in the road. The tough reality is that when you commit to a relationship, you inevitably experience disillusionment. You find out that your prince or princess has flaws you were unaware of or ignored during your courtship.  If you were expecting perfection, you’ll surely be disappointed.  If the gap between your expectations and reality is great, you may even spiral into despair. The reality is that every partner and every relationship has flaws.  Satisfaction in your intimate relationship is directly connected to your ability to accept, even embrace, these imperfections.  In a rewarding and successful relationship—a wise relationship–the connection between you and your partner is so solid that you are content with the not-perfect relationship.

Adapted from Anxious in Love, available on Amazon.